Individual Quick Freezer

Baruch are pioneers in promoting IQF Tunnel Freezer systems to food industries. IQF Freezer machines use liquid nitrogen to allow the user to freeze small foods that are normally very difficult to freeze individually such as fruit or seafood. This allows the products to be frozen singly rather than in a group meaning that the products keep their own individual form, texture and all importantly taste. The Individual Quick Freezer are designed to freeze a large quantity of products in less space, especially for products needing long freezing time such as bulky foods, or raw poultry and meat.

We can customize the freezing process to meet your various demands. Capable of handling 0.5 to 25 tons per hour, tunnel freezers ensure the highest degree of IQF quality and supreme freezing flexibility. High efficiency fans and motors, and evaporators with large face areas reduce pressure drop. Optimum airflows effectively transfer heat away from your product.


Gentle mechanical fluidization.

Broad range of bulk, flat or fragile products.

Modular design.

Multiple belt combinations.

Stainless steel construction.

Ample areas for service and cleaning.

Frost management systems.

Multiple temperature zones.

Energy efficient design.

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