Green Solutions

Baruch Enterprises Pvt Ltd started as an end to end solution provider with focus in reduction of post-harvest losses. Sensing a gap in the learning and implementation in the current system, we developed ourself into a complete range of solutions provider to Cold Chain industry with focus on providing solutions at farm to retail. We set no limits to curiosity, innovation, and ingenuity; constantly questioning perfection and asking ourselves 'What if?' and 'Why not' every day. As a result, front runners in several industries come to us for total solutions for cold chain, and they stay on for our domain expertise, technology leadership, service excellence, and customizing capabilities.

Our Consultancy Division is managed by experienced and well qualified technocrat shaving 12 years of sound Technical knowledge in the Industry and are accredited by National Horticulture Board as certified consultants. We have designed & implemented some of the best Cold Storage, Ripening Chambers, and Integrated Cold Chain projects across the country. We work for the benefit of the industry and share all our learnings, knowledge and experience with our customers for the best solution.

Energy efficiency and environmental thinking is getting higher and higher on corporate agenda. Reasons are Corporate Social Responsibility and the fact that energy is a cost that will increase over the years. Many states are focusing on this topic and are offering subsidies to companies investing in innovative energy efficient facilities Freezing & Storage of Perishable commodities consumes energy but the prolonging of shelf life and capturing the quality of the products when it's absolutely premium is a very much decrease waste and offer better food to the end consumer.

We are increasingly showing our commitment to sustainable living through the choices we make at home, on the road, and in the store. We are motivated to act as stewards-not just users-of the plant, its people, and its resources. Frore strive to offer consumers choices that support this commitment to living green.