Freezer Rooms

Baruch Freezer Rooms are designed for maximum reliability, efficiency, and stability. Our standard freezers will accommodate a -20°C set-point with a control tolerance ±0.5°C, or better. Many are custom-engineered for a wide variety of applications, including freeze-thaw test regimens in accordance with ASTM C666, GMP stability storage from 4°C to -30°C, wide-range test material test chambers, and mortuary/cadaver storage freezers. Our freezer rooms are typically supplied with desiccant or refrigeration based dehumidification in order to maintain a low dew-point and prevent ice accumulation on both product and equipment surfaces.


Tight temperature control for reliability and accuracy.

Tight temperature uniformity of ±.5°C or better throughout the room.

Work with any space constraints, flexible custom applications.

Redundancy options that allow uninterrupted operation for critical applications.

ADA compliance available with no additional cost to the customer.

Simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-service control systems.

Smooth ceiling, aluminum or steel, for optimal performance over competitors who use egg crate ceiling.

Egg crate ceilings promote mold growth, difficult to service equipment, difficult to clean, and interfere with lighting and airflow.

Exclusive Antimicrobial Coating on door handle to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

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