Bulk Milk Chiller

Baruch offer Bulk Milk Chillers, which are ideal for the improvement of milk quality. These milk coolers are widely used in milk collection centers, big dairies, village cooperatives / milk cooperatives, and agriculture industry for the storage of milk. Our milk coolers are compact, robust and easy to clean and can also be installed indoor as well as outdoor. Bulk Milk Chillers, direct expansion type, range 300 liters to 5000 liters. These Bulk Milk Coolers are for installing at village Dairy Cooperative Society which collects the milk every day in the morning and evening from milk producers. The Milk collected shall be stored in the bulk milk cooler and cooled from the ambient Temperature to 4 degree centigrade within 3 hours.


Faster cooling owing to direct expansion.

Robust design.

Durable tank made of AISI 304 SS.

Hermetically sealed compressor.

Digital temperature controller.

Occupies minimum space.

Energy conscious.

Designed to be user-friendly.

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